Carl Nappa Discography

Date Artist Song Credit Sales
2019 The Manness Brothers Upcoming Untitled Album E,M,P
2019 Terry Barber Mercury Reimagined E,M,P
2019 Christian Smith Come Fly With Us E,M,P
2018 Erica Reed Erica Reed E,M,P
2018 Ms. Robbie Ms Robbies What The Call Me E,M P
2018 Jay E Jay E Presents The City M
2018 Kyjuan Jadded -Single M
2018 Tef Poe Smokers Anthem -Single M
2017 Alisa Naked -Single M
2017 JR Gangsta & DO -Singles M
2017 Nelly 2 Da Side -Single M
2017 Bryce Green Berries -Single M
2017 Chingy Paper Cutz -Single M
2017 Keem Something About You -Single M
2017 SAG Live Ass Errwurr -Single M
2017 Sean David Ardoin All 4 You & Wet -Single M
2017 Tony Swing Waisted -Single M
2017 Jun Cai Pull Up -Single M
2017 KAIA Kaia (Upcoming EP) P,E,M
2017 Murphy Lee Vs Jay E Vibes -Single M
2017 Ali Jones Truth -Single M
2017 Fresco Kane Rump Shaker -Single M
2017 Murphy Lee Booty Might Win -Single M
2017 Chel Proof M
2016 Evan Goodrow Loyalty M
2016 Dirt Nasty Dirt Nasty Sux M
2016 Violent Mae KID M
2015 Murphy Lee Vs Jay E Back to Basics M
2014 Youe Scream I Scream ZooKeeper P,M
2013 Forida to Georgia Line Cruise -Remix– Recorded & Mixed Nelly’s Vocals E,M 10x
2012 JJ Grey and Mofro Live at the Variety Playhouse DVD E,M
2011 Nelly 5.0 E,M Gold
2010 Riley James Devil Don’t Mind P,E
2010 St. Lunatics City’s Free E,M
2010 You Scream I Scream Bug in a Light E,M
2010 Murphy Lee U Cee Me E,M
2009 Nelly The Best of Nelly E,M
2009 Good Charlotte Fight Song (Jay E Remix) The Greatest Remixes M
2008 Nelly Party People -Single E,M
2008 Nelly One and Only -Single E,M
2008 Nelly Brass Knuckles E,M Gold
2008 Fat Joe & Nelly Here I Am E Gold
2008 Murphy Lee My Shoes -Single E,M
2008 Bubba Sparxxx On & On, I Ain’t Gonna Run M
2007 Chris Brown Kiss Kiss-Remix Nellys Vocals- E 2x
2007 Nelly Wadsyaname -Single E,M
2007 Murphy Lee Hatin -Single- E.M
2007 Mario Go P,E
2007 R. Kelly Double Up -Tryin’ To Get A Number- E 1x
2007 Ashanti Switch 12″ E,M
2007 Pat McGuire Band Your So Beautiful -Single- M
2007 Ali & Gipp “Kinfolk” E,M
2006 Tim McGraw & Nelly Over and Over -Tim McGraw Greatest Hits 2- E 2x
2006 Nelly & Jaheim Universal Smash Hits 3 -My Place- E Gold
2005 Hillary Duff Material Girl from Movie Material Girls M
2006 West 8 Five Life is Good M
2007 Avery Storm, Diddy, Jagged Edge, Nelly, The Notorious B.I.G. Nasty Girl -Single- E Gold
2006 The Working Title About Face P,E
2006 Bubba Sparxxx Muthafucka M
2006 Murphy Lee That BullShit -Single E,M
2006 Universal Smash Hits My Place Nelly & Jaheim E Gold
2005 Nelly & Christina Aguilera Tilt Ya Head Back -Single E Gold
2005 Nelly Errytime -Single E Gold
2005 Nelly & Tim McGraw Over and Over -Single E 1X
2005 Nelly & Jaheim My Place -Single E Gold
2005 Nelly Flap Your Wings -Single E Gold
2005 Coach Carter Time -St. Lunatics- E,M
2005 Nelly N Dey Say -Single- E
2005 Nelly Sweatsuit E Gold
2005 The Longest Yard The Longest Yard Soundtrack E,M
2005 Nelly Suit E 3X
2005 Nelly Sweat E 1X
2005 Gary Cherone Need I Say More M
2005 Kristin Fonseca Kristin Fonseca M
2005 Tempting Fate Tempting Fate M
2005 Siberia Harm’s Way M
2004 Nelly & Tim McGraw Over and Over -Single E Gold
2004 Andrew Jones Plenty Plenty Love E,M
2004 The Working Title Everyone Here Is Wrong P,E,M
2003 David Banner MTA2: Baptised in Dirty Water E,M
2003 Nelly Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention E 1X
2003 Murphy Lee Murphy’s Law E Gold
2003 Robin Trower Greatest Hits Live E,M
2003 Michael Bolton Hits 1985-1995: Best of the Best Gold E 3X
2003 Sonna Unreleased Universal Album E
2003 Mike Visconti In Other Words M
2003 Population 1 Population 1 P,E,M
2002 Boston Corporate America DE
2002 The Get Up Kids On A Wire DE
2002 DMX DVD “Angel” E,M
2001 Cam’ron Harlem’s Greatest -A Pimp’s a Pimp- E
2002 Eastcide Eastcide P,E,M
2002 Lucia Moniz 67 E,M,AP
2002 Eve To Adam Auburn Slip E
2001 Ware River Club Don’t Take It Easy E,M
2001 Ronny Jordan Off The Record M
2001 N’SYNC Gone -I’ll Be Good For You- E,M 11X
2001 Spookie Daly Pride Marshmallow Pie E,M,AP
2001 Ill Niño Revolution Revolución DE
2001 The Fast & The Furious Rollin’ (Urban Assault Vehicle) DE 1X
2001 Jelleestone Jelleestone Thirteen DE,E
2001 N’SYNC No Strings Attached -I’ll Be Good For You- E,M
2000 Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water DE 6x
2000 Ice Cube 3 Songs w/ Producer Chucky Thompson E,M
2000 Barbara Kessler Barbara Kessler E,M
2000 Barry Mann Soul & Inspiration E
2000 NOK Vent E
2002 DJ Hasebe Hey World E
2000 Acoustic Junction Strange Days E,M
2000 Ghostface Killah In The Rain E
2000 Suze DeMarchi Telelove E
2000 Shelby Lynne Soundtrack -She Knows, Only A Fool- E
1999 AZ Pieces of a Man -Last Dayz- M
1998 RZA as Bobby Digital B.O.B.B.Y./ Holocaust (Silkworm) -Single E,M
1998 RZA RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo E,M Gold
1998 Steve Fister Shadow King M
1998 7 Mile 7 Mile E
1998 Cam’ron Confessions of Fire E Gold
1998 Danny Devito Living Out Loud E
1998 Fatal In the Line of Fire M
1998 Teddy Goldstein Montana P,E,M
1998 Soundtrack Rush Hour [Original Soundtrack] E 1X
1998 Blondie No Exit -Demos- E
1998 Soundtrack & Video Survival of the Illest: Live from 125 NYC P,E,M
1998 John Mellencamp Rosie Show, Sessions at West 54th Street & loops for future record E
1998 McGruff Destined To Be E,M
1998 Mariah Carey Butterfly -Honey & Breakdown- E 5X
1997 Brian McKnight Jam Knock -Any Time- E 2X
1997 Moody Blues Beyond Life with Timothy Leary -Legand of a Mind- E,M
1997 Billy Lawrence Come On -Single- E,M
1997 Robin S From Now On -Been So Long- E
1997 Ray J Everything You Want M
1997 Wyclef Jean The Carnival –To All the Girls, Street Jeopardy- E
1997 Billie Lawrence Paradise -Footsteps, Come On, Chances Are- E,M
1997 Shades Shades -Serenade & What Would You Do- E,M
1997 LSG My Body E,M 1X
1997 Pet Shop Boys The Boy That Couldn’t E
1997 Spiritualized Cop Shoot Cop Ladies and Gentlemen… We Are Floating in Space E
1997 Frankie My Heart Belongs To You E
1997 Simon Hines Simon Hine -Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!- E
1997 Nothing To Lose Soundtrack Not Tonight -Remix- Recorded Left Eye E 1X
1997 Jungle To Jungle It’s My Life M
1997 Joose If Tomorrow Never Comes – Jeep Remix E
1997 Plácido Domingo Bajo el Cielo Espanol E
1996 MC Lyte Bad as I Wanna Be -Keep On Keepin’ On Remix E,M Gold
1996 TOJ Jazzmosphere M
1996 Mike Peters Feel Free M
1996 Keith Sweat Just A Touch -Remix E,M
1996 Nas Street Dreams -Remix E Gold
1996 Prince Radio Adds for “Emancipation” E,M
1996 Set It Off Missing You E
1996 Set It Off Come On Billy Lawerence Featuring MC Lyte E,M
1996 AZ Yet Saved For Someone Else, Hard To Say I’m Sorry -Remixes E,M
1996 Terri & Monica Sexuality – Remix- E
1996 En Vogue Don’t Let Go (Love) 2000 Watts Remix Remix E,M 1X
1996 Sarah Brightman Fly E
1996 Soul for Real For Life E
1996 The Great White Hype I Got You Under My Skin Recorded Biz Markie E
1996 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Jungal Bahar & Hamara Haath E
1996 Movie Soundtrack Space Jam E,M 6X
1996 Dr. John & Angela McCluskey Flirting With Disaster – Anything for Love- E,M
1996 Menswear One Way Or Another -Single M
1996 Ray J Everything You Want Changes & Don’t Go Chasin- E,M
1996 Monifah You -Remix E,M 1X
1996 Dangerous Minds Curiosity with Aaron Hall E,M 3X
1995 Run DMC Jam Master Jay M
1995 Silk How Could You Say You Love Me E Gold
1995 Michael Jackson HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I AE 7X
1995 Extreme Cynical, Unconditional -Live Tracks Co-M